What is Amvic ICF ?

The Ultimate Solution For Bespoke New Builds

Amvic ICFs consist of high-density polystyrene panels 1200mm long, 400mm high, and 64/75/85/100mm wide, spaced apart by high strength polypropylene webs. The forms provide a fully insulating, permanent shuttering system into which concrete is poured.

Once cast, the solid concrete core not only provides the necessary structural integrity for the building, but also excellent sound insulation, fire safety, thermal mass and durability for the structure’s lifetime.

The polystyrene panels of each block provides the thermal insulation to the structure, with U-values between 0.24 W/m2K and 0.13 W/m2K being easily achievable.

The forms, being extremely light (only 3.5 kg each), are simple and easy to build, with all of the attendant handling and safety benefits. So if you’re looking to construct bespoke new builds, then let Amvic ICF be the solution for your construction needs.


ICF For Architectural New Homes

Amvic is the strongest insulating concrete formwork system on the market. There are many benefits that Amvic ICF can bring to your architectural new homes project. Simplicity & convenience is just a few to mention. The powerful combination of the patented, reversible FormLockT interlock, EPS composition, innovative web design and web spacing result in:

  • A simple, strong formwork system that requires less support during installation giving straight, flat and plumb walls.
  • Less wastage when compared against other ICF or building systems.
  • The ability to withstand internal concrete vibration, ensuring a structurally superior wall.

Amvic ICF is the most user-friendly ICF on the market due to its innovative design which increases speed of construction, reduces labour costs and provides the highest level of performance during and after construction. This is why Amvic ICF is a must when it comes to any new project that relates to architectural new homes.

Amvic ICF walls can be finished internally by gypsum board screwed directly to the integral webs.

A wide range of external finishes may be used including brick, stone, timber cladding, and renders. ‘Through-coloured’ polymer renders are the most popular form of render finish, a wide variety of colours and textures being available.

As can be seen, Amvic ICF is indeed a very cost efficient solution for bespoke new builds and architectural new homes. Contact us today to find out more information.

Amvic Technical Data


Amvic Product Overall mm Insulation mm Conc. Core mm Web Space mm U-Value
280 28 2 X 64 150 150 0.23
300 300 2 x 75 150 200 0.20
350 350 2 x 100 150 200 0.15
330 330 2 x 64 200 150 0.23
370 370 2 x 85 200 200 0.17